CAC v. The Public Theater




This page is chiefly for images associated with the argument being made that Savannah should embrace a new found option for achieving an expansion of its cultural arts center facilities.

The alternative is superior in function, location and aesthetics, and considerably less expensive (perhaps by as much as $8,000,000).  It also achieves two major other goals, repurposing a long vacant and large building, the subject of civic debates for decades; and now eliminates the rise of an architecturally undesirable structure in the heart of the city’s much prized historic district, a hotly debated and hand-wringing  issue for years.

A page detailing out the above and other arguments can be found here, The Public Theater & Art Gallery.

SA (Savannah Ambitions) and other concerned citizens of Savannah, including those in the arts community, urge the city to immediately halt work on the current site.  Though approximately $1.8 million in ‘architectural’ fees have been incurred, WE will nevertheless be the winner by NOT erecting the Brutalist styled structure.

If built, ultimately the structure will be demolished due to its lack of purpose, blight on the streetscape, its having no reusable value for any other purpose, and it being a fiscally irresponsible use of land in the commercial heart of the city.

It is within the power of the 9 people on the City Council to STOP this marring of the city’s streetscape, and waste of public dollars.  And it is within your power to let them know what you think.  DO NOT allow another day of moving dirt, pouring concrete or laying steel bar.  Each day delay is another $45,000 of money lost.

Cancel any contracts let, pay any cancellation fees, close up the site, and put it on the market.  It being a prime site, it should fetch in excess of $3,000,000 today.  The city paid $2,400,000 in 2011.

Please contact your Alderman, and all of the City Council, via phone, email or both.  Remember, IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to stop what isn’t already done.

Their numbers, and email addresses are as follows:


                                          Something akin to THIS


                                                            OR THIS


New Construction to Resemble the 70’s Civic Center:


OR, re-purpose a long vacant building (for $8,000,000 less) . . .

front facade

Perfectly suited physically for the function:

loading dock

This conceptual layout uses the buildings existing structural columns:



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