‘Connect Savannah’ Takes Notice

jason-renderingAt last, a media outlet in Savannah has the gall to present an alternative to ‘new construction’ using the public purse, that pot of gold coveted by local architects and building contractors.

It was that usual ‘quid pro quo’ dance between your elected officials and the moneyed interests which put in the SPLOST ‘goody bag’ a building project having zero evidence of a need, and the current council has blithely and ever so irresponsibly gone along.

We can at least raise the benefits from zero to something approaching respectability by now taking a productive path; and as well, likely save into the millions of dollars for meeting true civic needs.

Jason Combs has done an excellent job of posing this opportunity in this week’s Connect Savannah.



Below are TWO links which will take you directly to pages on this site that are pertinent to this proposal.  The first is the original page composed as early as September 2015 and provided to then candidates for the City Council.

Indeed, no one on the Council can truthfully deny having been offered this idea prior to finishing the design phase of this project.  Alderman Bill Durrence, in particular, was aware of this option in November, 2015.

Political excuses for having ignored this option are now in the offering, ranging from a simple “too late” to ‘doomsday speculation’ on the old sears building’s affordability.  The lack of any engagement on, or even acknowledgment of, the idea for over a year suggests the ‘excuses’ are themselves ‘too late’ to be believable.

The second link is to a summary, image and Council contact page.

Act up now, or live with the new monstrosity in the historic district, and your $20 million wasted.

The Public Theater Alternative: Re-purpose the Old Sears Building

Call to Action Page

-Aldin Lee


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